New Clients

New clients select between three options depending upon the depth and breadth of advice needed.  We quote a flat-rate project fee before any work begins so you know to the penny the cost of the service.  All of our services are available in-person or remotely via video-conferencing and secure file sharing.

Financial Plan

This is our flagship service because it provides an affordable way to integrate all aspects of your financial life. The financial plan provides a review and analysis of your current situation, and a written action plan with recommendations in the areas of investments, retirement planning, income and cash flow planning, tax planning, risk management and estate planning.

During the approximate two-hour interactive session, we gather information about your goals and financial situation and provide advice and education in all key areas and discuss various strategies and options. About a week after the meeting we mail a customized report containing recommendations, including a detailed investment plan. This document is a strategic plan tailored to your unique circumstances with action items and step-by-step instructions to help you implement the plan. Follow-up support is also provided.

The fee for the Financial Plan is $1,875 ($1,500 for less complex plans).

Investment Plan

This service is similar to the Financial Plan but it deals with investment issues only. The process begins with an interactive meeting of about 1-1/2 hours to learn as much as we can about your investment needs and to offer information about how to develop and manage an effective portfolio. About a week after the meeting you will receive an investment plan designed for your unique goals, risk preference and financial situation, including specific investment recommendations.

You can learn more about our investment philosophy and methodology by reading the documents Investment Policy and Self-Directed Portfolio Management.

The fee for the Investment Plan is $1,500.

Financial Consultation

This service is an interactive work session limited to two-hours designed to address your most urgent or important issues. It can also serve as a financial tune-up, second opinion, or the start of more in-depth planning. The first priority is to answer all your questions, but we also highlight issues that you might not have considered. About one week after the meeting we mail you a written report outlining our key observations and recommendations.

Specific investment advice is provided if desired by the client but it will not be as extensive as the other new client services unless the investment needs are not complex. Following the meeting, if you would like to delve deeper into any topic, you are welcome to use one of our ongoing services.

The fee for the Financial Consultation is $975

If you’d like to learn more about our services, please contact us today. There is no charge for any initial discussions.