Your Advisor

WarrenHi, I’m Warren McIntyre and I‘m the founder and principal of VisionQuest Financial Planning LLC, a truly unique advisory firm.

That might seem like a bold statement, but I deliberately designed the business to reflect my personal values and philosophy. I believe that most people want professional assistance at key times to sort through an overwhelming amount of information and choices, but don’t need a full-time financial advisor. Accordingly, we consult with clients when they want help managing their own investments or making other challenging financial decisions.

VisionQuest Financial Planning is a fiduciary advisor, which means that we are legally required to act in the best interests of our clients at all times. Of course, we would do this anyway, but our exclusive flat-rate project pricing avoids conflicts of interest because there is no incentive to give anything but our best advice. You would typically pay an attorney by the hour, a physician per office visit and a CPA by the tax return, so it makes sense to compensate a financial advisor based on their time working for you.

To be efficient with your time, we avoid activities that don’t improve decision-making, such as attempting to forecast the future. Financial planning is mostly about making decisions in the face of great uncertainty. We help clients make rational decisions that fit their personal situation by using strategic planning to identify key issues and providing a framework for analysis.

My core principles also guide our investment philosophy. I’m a strong advocate for investing with low-cost index funds. The empirical data clearly shows that index-based investing is superior to active management. We recommend evidence-based strategies that clients can implement themselves to build wealth by reducing unnecessary risk, taxes and expenses.

I believe that there is too much complexity and stress in our lives. To make your life simpler, we cut through the noise and focus on what really matters and offer specific solutions to your most pressing concerns. Then we collaborate with you as-needed so you don’t have to make major financial decisions alone.

People have some common goals, such as securing a comfortable retirement or helping children receive a college education - but I named the firm VisionQuest Financial Planning because they might also have a unique lifestyle vision. For instance, you might want to travel, volunteer, change careers, start a business, or just enjoy time with grandchildren. Our job is to be your personal financial strategist to help you achieve your most important life goals.

On a personal note, I met my wife Jan at Michigan State University. We live in Troy, Michigan and have recently become empty nesters since our boys Ryan and Kevin have left to pursue their own dreams. Outside of work and family, I enjoy distance running, bicycling and all things Spartan. Go Green!

Since I believe in full disclosure and transparency, you can find plenty of information about my firm on this website, especially in our ADV document. If you prefer to handle your investments and financial planning yourself – but want professional guidance - we would love to work with you.