A Blogger's First Blog

I never thought that I’d be a blogger - but here I am – blogging my first blog.

It seemed a little pretentious to think I’d have enough to say to warrant a blog. Of course, that hasn’t stopped many others from putting pen to paper - or should I say - keyboard to html? Political commentators, sports writers and financial columnists who have a hard time writing one good article now treat us to daily doses of their wisdom.

But I suppose blogging is not so different from what I have been doing. I’ve tried to write articles for my newsletters and website that provide something of value to the reader. I’ve avoided canned newsletter services and repeating the same tired topics that don’t have much bearing on people’s lives. I have to admit, though, it’s difficult to come up with new ideas. So, how am I going to maintain a blog, which will require a steady stream of fresh material?

One way will be to draw upon the knowledge of others. In my regular perusal of the Internet, I often find insightful articles or blogs that are worth reading and sharing. Through my association with the Garrett Planning Network, I know many financial advisors around the country who are publishing great material. And there are many other experts in various fields who have special insight. I hope to pluck some of the best nuggets that I encounter and share them with you. Think of me as your financial concierge. I might even have an original thought of my own from time to time.

Starting a blog is another way to communicate with my clients and those who might want to become clients. I’ve used hard-copy newsletters and occasional e-news blasts in the past, but they are less efficient and somewhat limiting. Since I wanted to refresh my website anyway, adding a blog seemed like a natural progression. I promise to use this forum to bring you worthwhile content.

If it doesn’t work out, then one day the link at the top of the page will be gone and this blog will be a memory. Let’s hope this effort doesn’t end up in the dust bin of cyberspace.

Now, if I can just figure out how to do this Twitter thing.