One Week is Not Enough

I hope you are enjoying Financial Planning Week! If not, perhaps you haven’t heard the news.

The week of October 5-11, 2009 is officially Financial Planning Week. Each year around this time the Financial Planning Association (FPA) designates a week to help individuals discover the value of financial planning and make smart decisions to achieve life goals and dreams. I’m not really sure how official this is, but some states have issued proclamations to support the designation. I haven’t always given the FPA my full backing for this effort, so this year I’m determined to do my part.

During the week, the FPA hosts education events, seminars, workshops and hotlines to improve financial literacy across the nation. This is certainly an admirable objective, but I just don’t think one week is enough. Therefore, I’m proclaiming the entire month of October to be Financial Planning Month!

Accordingly, I’m going to post a series of articles this month related to financial planning. I’d like to start by pointing you to some resources offered by the FPA. If you would like a quick read, take a look at Starting Your Financial Plan: A Beginner’s Road Map. For a more expansive look at the subject, here is A Guide to Financial Planning that was published by the Wall Street Journal last year. Both offer some initial guidance and ways to get more information.

In subsequent blogs this month, I will provide my own commentary on related topics. I want to make this the best financial planning month you’ve ever had!