We want financial planning to be as painless as possible, so you will take the actions necessary to secure your financial future. Accordingly, the entire process from initial inquiry to final written recommendations can take as little as three weeks. The following few steps can set you along the path to financial freedom.

  1. Initial Inquiry – Call or email to schedule a free get-acquainted meeting – or if you are sure that we’re the right advisory firm for you – skip the introductory meeting and schedule an interactive work session.

  2. Get-Acquainted Meeting - We offer a free, no-obligation meeting to describe our services and fees and to exchange information to determine which of our services is right for you. We can usually get you in within a few days. There is no questionnaire to complete until you engage our services, although you are welcome to bring any materials that you think will aid the discussion. The meeting will last about thirty to forty-five minutes. After this introductory discussion, if you would like to engage our services, we will quote a fee based on the amount and complexity of the work you would like done. We would then schedule the Interactive Work Session and explain how to prepare for the meeting.

  3. Interactive Work Session – The interactive meeting will last about 1-1/2 to 2 hours depending upon which service is selected. During the meeting (which can also be done by telephone) we gather information about your goals and financial situation and provide advice and education in all key areas – and also discuss various strategies and options.

  4. Analysis and Recommendations - A written report will be mailed about one week after the meeting. The report will contain our analysis of your situation and specific recommendations and educational material covering the areas most relevant to you. The particular format will vary based on the specific service requested.

  5. Implementation and Support - The written report is very specific – and because of the interactive nature of our consulting process – there is normally no follow-up meeting needed. Guidance is provided on how to implement the recommendations. If you have any questions about the report, though, you are welcome to call for clarification.

  6. Financial Reviews - Once you have engaged us for one of our initial services, you are invited to return as-needed to receive advice and support through flat-fee project reviews or consulting.

Please read our Financial Planning Process document for a more detailed description of our methodology and process.

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We want financial planning to be as painless as possible. Check out our 6 step process. More