Current Clients

Once you have engaged us for any of our initial services, you are invited to return in the future to receive advice and support in the following ways.

Financial Reviews

Follow-up meetings of about 90-minutes provide an opportunity to revisit previously discussed topics or address new issues. Many clients use Financial Reviews to monitor and rebalance their investment portfolio on a regular basis. An update letter is mailed about one week after the meeting with recommendations for changes if needed, including specific investment advice.

The fee for a Financial Review is $750 if conducted within two years of the previous engagement, $825 if more than two years between projects but less than five, and $875 if more than five years. These standard rates are dicounted 12% after the first two paid engagements and 20% starting with the fifth project. .

Consulting Service

To offer our clients maximum flexibility, we consult on an as-needed basis. This service is not available for first-time clients because we want to understand your broader financial situation before we give limited engagement advice. However, for previous clients we are happy to work on shorter projects, such as allocating new 401(k) options, or those beyond the scope of a typical review.

Before you engage us, we determine the scope of the project and then quote a flat-rate fee.